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About Us

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At AFT Fitness Coaching, we aren't just a company - we're a movement, a powerhouse of transformation. With our expertise and unwavering passion, we have established ourselves as the go-to authority in the fitness world. 

We stand proud as the driving force behind the fitness departments of over 100 esteemed health clubs across the United States. With a track record of excellence, we have mastered the art of elevating fitness experiences to extraordinary heights.

​The fitness journey is unique to everyone, and we understand that better than anyone else. That's why, at AFT Fitness Coaching, we create personal fitness and nutrition plans tailored precisely to fit specific needs, aspirations, and lifestyle. Say goodbye to generic solutions and embrace a program that's designed exclusively for you.

As an online fitness coach, our team of top-notch fitness and nutrition experts is devoted to guiding you toward success. Whether striving for weight loss, strength gains, or overall well-being, we have the knowledge and dedication to help you conquer goals.

Pioneers of Fitness Innovation: AFT Fitness Coaching Leads the Way

Our innovative programs are designed to make the fitness journey seamless and rewarding. Whether you prefer sweating it out at a gym or exercising from the comfort of home, AFT Fitness Coaching delivers unwavering 1:1 support that sets you up for triumph.

Introducing The AFT Fitness Coaching App: The Ultimate Fitness Companion

Welcome to a new era of personalized fitness, powered by our cutting-edge fitness app! This powerful tool empowers you with round-the-clock access to tailored fitness plans, detailed instructional videos, and expert workout schedules - all within grasp, wherever you may be.

The AFT Fitness Coaching Difference

We believe that the fitness experience should be nothing short of extraordinary. That's why we go the extra mile to invest in our people, processes, and technology, ensuring that you receive unparalleled support and results, unlike any other personal training program.

Our team of nutrition and fitness coaches stands as a beacon of excellence in the industry. With years of experience and a proven track record of transforming lives, these industry leaders are dedicated to guiding you toward a healthy life.


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The Power of Three Pillars

  • Strength Training: Build a foundation of strength, resilience, and confidence as we tailor a workout plan that maximizes your potential.

  • Nutrition: Fuel progress with a customized nutrition program that aligns with goals and keeps you energized for every challenge.

  • Cardio: Amplify endurance and overall cardiovascular health through specialized cardio workouts, ensuring you stay at the top of your game.




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