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Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Coaching

Welcome to AFT Fitness Coaching, where cutting-edge nutrition and fitness meet personalized coaching for unmatched results.

Unlock your full potential with our custom workout routines, expert nutrition guidance, and daily support from certified professionals.



Transform Your Fitness Journey Today

Step 1: Dive into a Comprehensive Fitness Assessment

Share your lifestyle, preferences, and goals to unlock tailored insights that will guide your journey to success.

Step 2: Personalized Consultation

Meet your dedicated fitness coach to refine your training plan for optimal results, ensuring every workout aligns perfectly with your goals.

Step 3: Seamlessly Navigate with Our Fitness App

Access your personalized workout plan anytime, anywhere through our intuitive app, keeping your progress at your fingertips.

Step 4: Embark on Your Journey with Phase One

Receive your meticulously crafted Phase One workout plan, setting the foundation for your transformational fitness journey.

Step 5: Fine-Tune and Launch

Meet with your coach again to review and refine your plan, then dive in headfirst to start seeing results.

Step 6: Support Around the Clock

Enjoy 24/7 access to support from your coach, ensuring you stay motivated and on track every step of the way.

Why Choose Our Comprehensive Fitness & Nutrition Coaching?

  • Personalized nutrition guidance from Registered Dietitian

  • Customized Training Programs

  • Daily Expert Support

  • Versatile Coaching

  • Progress Tracking & Accountability

  • Receive actionable and insightful feedback to optimize your workouts

  • Accountability & Motivation

  • Sustainable and lasting results with our proven science-based methods

  • 100% Personalized Fitness Journey

Primary Components of The Exercise Program

Strength Training

Helps to tone muscles, improve appearance, reduce body fat, increase strength, move better, feel better, and increase lean muscle mass. 

Aerobic Exercise

Helps prevent heart disease, maintain a healthy body weight, control blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, increase lifespan, and reduce the risk of dementia. 

Revolutionize Your Health Journey with Certified Nutrition Coaching

Here's what you'll gain:

Tailored Nutrition Plans

Say goodbye to generic advice. Your personalized nutrition plan will be meticulously crafted to align with your lifestyle, preferences, and goals.

Science-Backed Strategies

Benefit from evidence-based approaches that have been proven to optimize nutrition for sustainable health and long-term success.

Ongoing Support

Stay motivated and accountable with regular check-ins and continuous guidance from our certified experts. 

Practical Solutions

Discover realistic and achievable steps to enhance your eating habits. Our solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into your daily routine for lasting changes.

Take control of your health journey today and experience the unparalleled benefits of professional nutrition coaching. It's time to unlock your full potential.

      Fitness Coaching and Online Personal Training | AFT Fitness Coaching

      Experience Our Innovative Fitness App

      • Stay seamlessly connected through text, phone, zoom, or email.

      • Bring your training to life with our user-friendly app.

      • Unlimited 24/7 access to certified coaches for guidance and feedback.

      • Daily texting via phone, fitness app, or email and bi-weekly meetings via zoom or call.
      • Track your progress, set reminders, and stay motivated.

      • Expand your knowledge with workouts and wellness resources in our fitness education library.



      No Hassle, Just Results

      • No Gym Membership Required. Train anywhere, anytime.

      • No Long-Term Commitment 

      • Quick Start -  Skip the sales process and start directly with your certified fitness coach.

      What Our Clients Are Saying

      "AFT Fitness Coaching transformed my life! The personalized training program and nutritional guidance helped me achieve results I never thought possible." - Sarah

      "The support from the AFT team is incredible. They keep me motivated and accountable, making it easier for me to stay committed to my fitness journey." - Mike

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      Join the AFT Fitness Coaching community today and take the first step towards a healthier, happier you!


      10-Day Free Trial

      • Complete assessment: Share insights about your lifestyle, preferences, and goals.
      • Personalized Consultation: Meet with your fitness coach to tailor your fitness training plan.
      • Receive access to our user-friendly fitness app.
      • Receive phase one of your personalized workout plan.
      • Meet with your fitness coach again to review your fitness training plan and begin your workout plan.
      • Implement your plan and receive 24/7 access and support from your coach.

      Your Hard Work Deserves Maximum Results. 

      We're Here to Support You - Your Coach by Your Side, Every Step of the Way.

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