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Exercise Programs & Fitness Coaching

Exercise Programs & Fitness Coaching | AFT Fitness Coaching

At AFT Fitness Coaching, we build long-term focused exercise programs rather than randomized short-term individual workout routines. 

Part One: We build the Exercise Program & Initial Meeting with Fitness Coach

  1. Complete the initial onboarding questionnaire: Goals, health history, preferences, setting (gym, homme, etc), realistic weekly schedule.
  2. Initial Meeting with your Coach: Review your questionnaire, open and honest discussion, Q&A. Lay the foundation for the first part of the exercise program.
  3. Your Online personal trainer builds your individualized exercise program.

Typical Primary Components of The Exercise Program: 

  • Strength Training: Helps to tone muscles, improve appearance, reduce bodyfat, increase strength, move better, feel better, and increase lean muscle mass. 
  • Aerobic Exercise: Helps prevent heart disease, maintain a healthy bodyweight, control blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, increase lifespan, and reduce the risk of dementia. 

Our Online Fitness Programs Are Built Around The Core Principles of Exercise Programming:

  • Overload: The exposure of tissues to greater than accustomed-to training stress.
  • Reversibility: The observation that withdrawal of tissue loading results in loss of beneficial fitness/performance adaptations.
  • Progression: The gradual and systematic increases in training stress to maintain tissue overload and, thus, provoke continued training adaptation.
  • Individualization: The modification of training to account for an athlete’s unique capacity for and response to training.
  • Periodization: The planned systematic and structural variation of a training program over time.
  • Specificity: The observation that fitness/performance improves through training movement patterns and intensities of a specific task and fitness type (strength, power, endurance, or flexibility).

Part Two: Ongoing Personal Training & Fitness Coaching

Having a plan is only as good as its execution. Your coach will work together with you to put together strategies that will be most helpful for you every step of the way. However, we do have our standard strategies for guidance, motivation, and accountability.

  • Daily Expert Support and Guidance: You'll have unrestricted access to a certified coach, offering support and guidance whenever needed.
  • Accountability and Motivation: Regular check-ins, progress tracking, and performance evaluations keep you on track and driven toward success.
  • Bi-Weekly Meetings with your coach: You will meet every other week via zoom to review your progress, provide and receive feedback, Q&A, and prepare for the next two weeks.

Strategic Adjustments To Your Exercise Program: Our clients train, not just exercise. Therefore, everything that we do has a purpose, such as laying the foundation for the next step. However, we also know that consistency is the key. Variety helps to increase consistency by reducing boredom.

So, we try to strike a balance between creating enough variety to help prevent boredom, but to also create enough structure so that we can adhere to our core principles of exercise programming. With your feedback, you and your coach will work together to help find that balance needed between variety and structure.

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