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Online Nutrition Coach and Registered Dietitian


Online Nutrition Coach and Registered Dietitian | AFT Fitness Coaching

Unlock Your Wellness Journey with Our Certified Online Nutrition Coach and Registered Dietitian

Effective nutrition plays a crucial role in every health and fitness regimen, emphasizing the indispensable role of a registered dietitian. Simply put, overcoming a poor diet requires more than just exercise. There are no shortcuts or instant solutions in nutrition, highlighting the personalized guidance a registered dietitian can provide, as there is no universal approach for everyone.

It is important to note that any program that promises a dramatic drop in scale weight is ultimately not sustainable long-term and the initial drastic weight loss is water weight. Therefore, we strive for what we like to call Good Nutrition.

Good Nutrition

We believe that there are four components to good nutrition:

  • Good nutrition provides your body with essential nutrients it needs to optimally function.
  • Good nutrition is a diet that provides a variety of foods from different food groups.
  • Good nutrition helps you achieves health, body composition, and performance goals.
  • Good nutrition is having a good relationship with food.

Part One: Meet with aRegistered Dietitian

Sorting through all the nutritional noise found online can be daunting. Add in all the latest fad diets, weight-loss drugs, and various other sources for confusion…..and things can feel overwhelming and complicated.

We strongly believe that meeting with an actual Nutrition expert, such as a Registered Dietitian orNutritionist, is a great way to begin a healthy and productive nutritional journey. In this meeting, you will

  • Review your current habits, goals, relationship with food, etc.
  • Q&A about all thing’s nutrition related. There are no bad questions, so ask away.
  • Work together on an outline for your program that is healthy, but also realistic.

Part Two: Receive your initial custom nutritional guide 

For many clients, the nutritional guide serves as the backbone of their nutritional program. The guide is individualized to fit your energy needs based on your lifestyle and training. Included are goals for daily calories, Protein, Carbs, and Fats. The is also a meal planning guide to help tie it all together.

Part Three: Implement your Nutrition Program

Here is where you will implement the strategies that you put together with the Nutritionist.

  • Weekly check-ins via the app so that both the RD and your Primary coach can help hold you accountable.
  • Unlimited access to a nutritionist to help answer any new questions, overcome challenges, and implement changes.
  • Nutrition is also part of the bi-weekly meetings with your coach. Extra accountability and support.

Frequent Questions About The Nutrition Coaching Component

Q: What if I want to follow a specific plan, such as Paleo, can you help?  

A: Yes, we can help. In situations where certain macros, food groups, or lifestyle restrictions are in place, our goal would be to ensure that you are obtaining enough of the vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc. that you would need to meet our standard of Good Nutrition. Of course, this would also include some strategies for meal planning and various other tools.

Q: I’m on one of the new weight-loss drugs such as Ozempic, can you help? 

A: Yes, we can help. We do not prescribe the drugs nor are we for or against them.  That decision needs to be between you and your doctor. However, we have seen the pros and cons of the use of these new weight-loss drugs. 

Our goal would be centered around alleviating some of the most common negative side effects such as muscle loss, hair loss, and malnourishment.  Strength training will help with some of these side effects. But, when your appetite is severely limited, making sure the food choices you make are providing the most nutritional bang for your buck is extremely important. 

Q: I already use an APP to track my macros and calories. Why would I need your help?  

A: That’s great that you are utilizing a tool to help you track your nutrition.  But, apps such as myfitnesspal just provide a framework. We can review your food choices and help put together strategies to reach your daily targets. We can adjust as needed to help you break through plateaus, and we can provide you with consistent motivation and accountability to help you stay on track. 

In fact, there are one or two apps that we would highly recommend. These apps are newer to the market and are a little more involved than some of the original apps. But, even those apps are much more effective when you pair their functionality with the collaboration of our coaching. 

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