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Premium Online Personal Training and Fitness Coaching


AFT Fitness Coaching integrates science-backed methodologies encompassing exercise, nutrition, and habit coaching, empowering muscle building and effective weight loss.

  • 1-1 Fitness and nutrition coaching

  • Unlimited custom workouts

  • 100% Personalized fitness training plan

  • 100% Personalized nutrition plan and nutrition guidance by our Registered Dietitian 

  • Motivation and accountability

  • Integrated progress tracking

  • Expert daily guidance and support via text message, email, or app

  • A weekly virtual session with an experienced coach to go over goals, track progress, and adjust workout routines as needed

  • Access to exclusive resources and premium content on our innovative fitness app

AFT Fitness Coaching's online fitness and nutrition programs blend science-based fitness and nutrition programming, one-on-one video coaching, and tailored lifestyle optimizations to help you effectively lose weight, build muscle, and achieve transformational changes to your body composition.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • No gym membership required

  • No long-term commitment

  • No contracts

  • No cancellation or hidden fees

Your Hard Work Deserves Maximum Results. 

We're Here to Support You - Your Coach by Your Side, Every Step of the Way.

How It Works:

    1. Start by completing your fitness assessment: Share insights into your lifestyle, exercise routines, nutrition preferences, and ultimate fitness goals.

    2. Meet 1-1 with your coach to discuss the best fitness and nutrition options for your needs: Tailored to your objectives, your personalized plan integrates personalized strength and cardio sessions, nutritional guidance, and habit coaching, fueling accelerated progress toward your goals.

    3. Get your personalized training and nutrition blueprint: our registered dietitian meticulously crafts each nutrition plan to perfectly align with your goals.

    4. Expert 1-on-1 coaching: Collaborate with your coach to set your plan in motion, receiving daily motivation and expert guidance, ensuring consistent and measurable progress.

      AFT Fitness Coaching uncovers optimal techniques and highlights common pitfalls, empowering you to elevate your health to help you look and feel better. 

      • Personalized Fitness Coaching For All Levels

      • Daily Expert Support and Guidance: You'll have unrestricted access to a certified coach, offering support and guidance whenever needed.

      • Analysis and Feedback: Personalized form analysis and feedback that ensures that exercises are performed correctly, reducing the risk of injury, optimizing muscle engagement, and making you feel better!

      • Accountability and Motivation: Regular check-ins, progress tracking, and performance evaluations keep you on track and driven toward success.

      Training Plans That Fit Every Lifestyle and Easy To Follow Routines 

      • Flexible and Convenience

      • Long-lasting lifestyle changes

      • Sustainable Results

      Experience the dynamic transformation with AFT Fitness Coaching's state-of-the-art fitness app, seamlessly bringing online personal training to life in a convenient format.

      • Custom workouts and instructional videos for each exercise

      • You'll gain access to premium content

      • Calendar to keep you organized and consistent

      • Extensive library with workouts and educational materials that increase understanding of fitness, nutrition, and overall wellness

      Your dedicated coach will curate a weekly training plan, encompassing invigorating strength and cardio workouts, expert nutrition guidance, and habit formation.

      Execute your activities and witness your personalized performance metrics, visually tracking your progress with precision.

          AFT Fitness Coaching's workout routines and nutrition plans are rooted in science, ensuring you can trust that following the program will yield results.

          • Initiate your journey with insightful diagnostics to identify strengths and areas for improvement 
          • Receive continuous feedback and valuable resources to achieve incremental daily improvements

          • Our expert guidance assists you in adopting simple swaps, incorporating delectable recipes, and cultivating effective habits—all tailored to drive lasting and impactful results


            With the guidance of AFT Fitness Coaching, you'll build habits and knowledge that extend far beyond the coaching duration, ensuring lasting and sustainable results. 



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